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IGTV redesigning by Instagram focusing the makers this time

Instagram is going to update its IGTV app, probably hoping to get more people to use this service and encourage creators making adequate videos. The company reports about completely redesigning the homepage to feature a maker on the top.

The app is customizable for each user depending on whom they want to follow, and which contents the app believes may be interesting to the users. The app also has a ‘Discover Tab’ to cover innovative and relevant IGTV contents along with a hands-free recording feature.

The Discover tab going to be the greatest update, and currently, it only exhibits videos from people whom users already following in addition to “most prominent” videos. The app is unclad and needs users to tap into the contents to start watching the videos. A discover tab will allow them to content quick and motivate them for using the app.

All the updates will be able to make the app more appealing to users. The updates will help in the creation of videos and unique content; however, there has been no information about how many users are actually accessing the app along with the IGTV videos via Instagram. The company refused to reveal the user numbers.

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