Apple may launch an 11-inch iPad Air and 23-inch Apple MAC this year

As the world is now in lockdown mode and all significant events are canceled for an indefinite period, there is good news. The lovers of Apple products will be happy to know that Apple may launch its high-end iPad and iMac this year.

In a report, it states that the company is now planning to go for the 23-inch Apple Mac as well as an 11-inch iPad Air under budget segment.  As per the report, it states that iMac may get the nod to ship during the fourth quarter of 2020. With that, it will be the introduction to the smaller 21.5 inch iMac, and it is affordable by price as well.

With such a low budget iMac, it seems that Apple is now eyeing the medium market segment for revenues.

As the product is going to get a release by the fall of this year, so the production of iMac will be getting speed up by the third quarter.

As there is now no respite from the pandemic situation, so for you all,  there is no report about the release event from Apple.  Apart from that all, the mini-LED backlighting is also affected by it till 2021.

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