Mercadona’s 6-Euro Solution To Hide Problem Of Face To Treat

Mercadona’s 6-Euro Solution To Hide Problem Of Face To Treat

After the summer months and holidays, the skin, especially that of the face, suffers the effects of the sun, sea salt and humidity. Therefore, it is important to take care of it and the use of cosmetic products that allow us to improve the appearance of the face.

The leading chain in the supermarket sector in Spain, Mercadona , has for sale a solution for one of the most difficult facial skin problems to hide: pores.

It is the Deliplus universal mattifying compact powder, which has a price of 6 euros, and which comes in a case with a mirror, which allows us to apply it anywhere.

Mattifying powders from Mercadona.Mattifying powders from Mercadona.MERCADONA
Mercadona is a Spanish distribution company based in the municipality of Tabernes Blanques and origin in the nearby Puebla de Farnals, both belonging to the province of Valencia.

It has thousands of supermarkets spread over all the Spanish provinces and Portugal, with a sales room with an average surface area of 1,300 m², which respond to the model called proximity urban commerce

Supermarkets maintain an assortment of food, drugstore, perfumery and accessories where they include their own private labels (Hacendado, Deliplus, Bosque Verde …), along with other commercial brands.

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