Mercadona’s Product With A High Fiber Content That Is Sold Out In Stores

Mercadona’s Product With A High Fiber Content That Is Sold Out In Stores

vMercadona’s product with a high fiber content that is sold out in stores: 14,000 boxes are sold per day

It is about new crunchy cereals that are sold in a box of 400 grams, at a price of 1.75 euros.

Mercadona , the supermarket company, bets in its catalog for a large number of cereal products, some of which stand out for their high fiber content. This is the case of the new Crunchy Oats Cereals, which are sold under the Hacendado brand.

This new product is characterized by being a crunchy cereal that has less than 5% sugars . In addition, one of its main ingredients is oats, which have some health benefits, such as the following:

It has a high level of protein and fiber.
Helps control blood sugar levels.
Reduce the cholesterol.
Contains antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

Customers have welcomed this product with great acceptance, since the company sells a total of 14,000 daily boxes of these cereals, as reported by Mercadona in a statement .

These new Crunchy Oat Cereals, manufactured by the French company Dailycer, are perfect to take with milk as with yogurt, and you can add fruit or nuts.

The new product can be found both in Mercadona’s physical stores and on the online shopping website, where it is sold in a 400-gram box format, at a price of 1.75 euros per unit.

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