Minimum Wage In The EU Countries, Monthly Salary In 12 Pays

Minimum Wage In The EU Countries, Monthly Salary In 12 Pays

Most European countries have a fixed minimum wage, including Spain. However, the European Commission is working to set a minimum wage that ends the great inequality of amounts set by the different European countries that currently exists.

This new measure does not consist of setting the same minimum wage for all countries, but establishing a minimum wage in a general way, in such a way that workers earn at least 60% of the average wage in the country.

Thus, currently there is still great inequality between the different countries in terms of the minimum wage, from the 2,201.93 euros set by Luxembourg to the 244.56 euros set in Albania , according to the latest Eurostat data .

List of minimum wages in each EU country
According to the aforementioned Eurostat data, taking into account the latest figures for the second half of 2021, this is the list of the minimum wages that are set in each European country , from highest to lowest amount:

Luxembourg: 2,201.93 euros per month
Ireland: 1,723.80 euros per month
Netherlands: 1,701.00 euros per month
Belgium: 1,625.72 euros per month
Germany: 1,585.00 euros per month
France: 1,554.58 euros per month
Spain: 1,108.33 euros per month
Slovenia: 1,024.24 euros per month
Malta: 784.68 euros per month
Portugal: 775.83 euros per month
Greece: 758.33 euros per month
Lithuania: 642.00 euros per month
Slovakia: 623.00 euros per month
Poland: 619.46 euros per month
Czechia: 596.36 euros per month
Estonia: 584.00 euros per month
Croatia: 567.32 euros per month
Latvia: € 500.00 per month
Hungary: € 476.00 per month
Romania: 466.72 euros per month
Serbia: 366.13 euros per month
Macedonia: 358.97 euros per month
Turkey: 346.62 euros per month
Bulgaria: 332.34 euros per month
Montenegro: 331.33 euros per month
Albania: 244.56 euros per month

As can be seen, Spain occupies the seventh place in this list of minimum wages. In addition, it can be seen that many of the countries have a much lower salary compared to the amounts set by the first countries in the table.

Thus, there are only five countries that exceed 1,500 euros of minimum wage, while another ten countries are between 1,000 and 500 euros per month. Finally, there are eight countries that have a minimum wage that is below 500 euros.

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