Two Minors Disguised As The Paper House Spread Panic In An Italian City

Two Minors Disguised As The Paper House Spread Panic In An Italian City

Two minors disguised as ‘The paper house’ spread panic in an Italian city and mobilize the carabinieri.

Two minors were intercepted by the police last Friday in Orbetello, an Italian city of 15,000 inhabitants located about 200 kilometers north of Rome, for sowing panic among their neighbors . The young people were disguised through the streets as the actors of the series ‘The paper house’, with toy submachine guns included, and some of the citizens with whom they crossed, scared if they were robbers or terrorists, called the carabinieri.

The little Eitan Moshe Biran, barely five years old, is torn between life and death at the Reina Margarita Hospital in Turin, after being seriously injured in the accident of a cable car near the Italian Lake Maggiore that last Sunday cost his life 14 people, including his parents, brother and maternal great-grandparents.

Italy investigates the kidnapping of little Eitan, the only survivor of the cable car accident in which his family died
The security force mobilized four teams with bulletproof vests to locate the adolescents, according to local media in this Italian town, belonging to the Tuscany region.

Seeing this deployment of police forces, the two young men were scared, they took off their masks and amid tears apologized . “We were playing ‘La casa de papel”, they justified.

According to the local press, the teenagers frightened everyone they met and, as they were wearing the masks, they were not recognized. The minors were warned by the agents and promised not to go out again with the red monkeys that have made the robbers who star in the Spanish production series known worldwide.

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