Italy Investigates The Kidnapping Of Little Eitan

Italy Investigates The Kidnapping Of Little Eitan

Last May, the six-year-old boy Eitan made headlines around the world for being the sole survivor of the Stresa-Mottarone (northern Italy) cable car accident that killed 14 people . Among the deceased were his parents, his brother and his great-grandparents. The minor was badly injured in the incident and the transalpine courts gave custody to a paternal aunt who resided in the country.

It is one of the most spectacular walks in northern Italy, but this Sunday it has become the scene of a tragedy: A cabin from the Stresa-Alpinio-Mottarone cable car has fallen into the void, leaving 14 dead and one survivor, a five-year-old boy who has been orphaned.

The fight for the life of Eitan, the only survivor of the cable car drama in Italy: “Where is my mother?”
The little boy has again jumped to the front page of the media this Sunday, because, according to several Italian newspapers, Eitan has been kidnapped by his grandfather , who has taken him on a private plane to Israel, where his family lives. maternal.

The prosecutor’s office of Pavia (north) has opened an investigation after the complaint of the kidnapping this Saturday of little Eitan, as he is known in Italy, where he became a symbol of hope after the tragedy suffered by his family and the rest of the occupants of the cabin that fell into the void between the Alpine mountain of Mottarone and the town of Stresa on May 23.

The child has been at the center of a custody battle for months, after her maternal family had claimed her from Israel. It was the child’s aunt who denounced this Saturday to the police that his maternal grandfather, who had moved to Italy after the tragedy , did not deliver the child to his home at the scheduled time after a visit allowed by the judge, according to reported the newspaper ‘Il Corriere della sera “.

The first investigations of the Pavia Police concluded that the grandfather and the minor had boarded a private flight in which the child could get on because he had his passport , which allowed the expatriation, adds the newspaper, which explains that the confirmation of the landing of the plane in Israel “has arrived through diplomatic channels.”

” The news shocks us all and causes us great concern . He has been ripped from the family he grew up with, from the doctors who treat him, in a traumatic way that can destabilize him,” said lawyer Armando Simbari, one of the lawyers of the Italian family.

The newspaper ‘La Repubblica’ reports that, this Monday, Eitan should have started primary school in Pavia at the same school as his cousins. It also points out that the minor’s maternal grandfather has a firm judicial conviction for mistreating his ex-wife.

Joined for weeks
Italy was pending for weeks the evolution of little Eitan , who after the accident was admitted to the Intensive Care unit of the Regina Margherita hospital in Turin due to injuries before being transferred to the ward and starting a psychological program after the tragedy he suffered .

On June 10, he was later discharged and went to live with his aunt, after being informed of the death of his parents.

Italian Justice investigates the accident to twelve people and two Sociedade s accused of fraudulent multiple homicide, disaster negligence and removal tools to prevent accidents, after the chief operating officer of the cableway admit that defused the braking system , to avoid closing the installation, which caused the fall.

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