Colossal Building That Works Like Giant Air Conditioner Capable Of Cooling Entire Neighborhood

Colossal Building That Works Like Giant Air Conditioner Capable Of Cooling Entire Neighborhood

China is one of the countries that always leaves us with our mouths open due to its great technological advances, in addition, this time they have created the ‘FAST’ radio telescope which consists of a refrigeration system to cool an entire neighborhood when the highs occur. temperatures.

The company that has been in charge of manufacturing this invention has been Qianhai Energy Company with the aim of providing air conditioning to a district of Shenzhen (China), since they cover an area of ​​several square kilometers.

Operation and areas where it is used
White roads: using light and reflective colors on the asphalt would lower the temperature by 1.4º and reduce heat waves
This device works like the air conditioning that we can have in our homes, it is simply a central station that is underground to cool and supply cold water to nearby buildings , thus, it is transformed into cold air to offer it in the interior spaces.

It is important to note that only those spaces that are business and public benefit, thus ruling out residential areas . At the moment, it is an efficient system that is used for a prolonged period of between five and eight hours, also, it manages to save energy because it uses less electricity when it is in operation – they can save around 130 million kilowatts each year.

This project is capable of saving energy
In Santorini (Greece) they use white paint to reduce the heat inside the houses.
The whitest white in the world is back, a paint capable of cooling the interior of buildings by up to 4.5 degrees
In 2014, Shenzhen began working on this project and currently has three stations operating out of the ten it plans to install. Once they are all completed, it is estimated to be able to supply 400,000 tons of cold air to an area of ​​19 square kilometers in the Chinese city .

On the other hand, good planning is required to use this system: there must be a large number of buildings but at a very short distance so as not to lose the cold, and it is also recommended that the cooling is adjusted to the buildings.

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